“Last” is an animation of the last photograph ever taken of my mother. It was about 5 weeks before her death although none of us knew that at the time. In the photo she tries to look at the camera although her deteriorating eyesight prevents her from pinpointing it. The photo was taken by my brother in law after a Sunday lunch and it shows her with my nieces and nephew, her grandchildren.

It struck me that it was not just a record of someone who was about to die and who has died but it was also a record of a relationship between herself and her grandchildren, something which has also been lost.

By taking on the insurmountable task of animating the image I tried to wring as much as possible out of that moment, squeezing out every drop of information, animating them as if they were waiting forever for the camera shutter to click. Fuzzy memory, technology and the photograph both helping and hindering me at the same time. My efforts could be seen as a tribute to her role as a mother and grandmother, an attempt on my part to bring her back to life or to create some sort of digital heaven.